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"You are never too young to have a dream and never too old to make it come true."
- Pam Flowers.


Pam Flowers, author of six award winning, best selling books, has retired from tour BUT she continues to write books!

Her newest book is SOJO:
Memoirs of a Reluctant Sled Dog

This story is told from the dog Sojo's own perspective in a jaunty style sure to delight readers. Sojo, sister of Big-Enough Anna, is born into a hardworking, talented family and starts life as a happy, trusting, and confident puppy. But her confidence rapidly wanes as she begins to understand how complicated and challenging it is to be a sled dog. Overshadowed by her sister, Anna, who is very confident and gets all the glory, Sojo undergoes training and much to her surprise makes the dog team. When explorer Pam Flowers sets out with her team to travel alone across the arctic, Sojo is confronted with many challenges. But through an unexpected encounter with a wise old dog they meet along the way and Sojo's brave actions during a crisis involving her sister Anna, Sojo regains her self-confidence, learns that she does have what it takes to become a top-notch sled dog, and successfully completes the journey.


An Alaskan sled dog narrates her adventures. Sojo, born in Alaska, is not sure she wants to be a sled dog. Everyone says she is beautiful, so she thinks she may want to be a show dog instead. But Pam, Sojo's white human who raises sled dogs, has plans to cross the 2,500 miles of Arctic tundra alone with her dog sled team, and Sojo is picked. Sojo's narrative voice as she relates the Arctic adventure—the main thrust of the book—is jaunty, with just the right amount of goofiness to appeal to young readers' sensibilities, while Farnsworth's black-and-white illustrations add charm. What is notable about the story is its sterling ring of authenticity. The many details of what it takes in both planning and, er, doggedness to mush across frozen tundra during Arctic winters are fascinating. Since it is Sojo narrating, there isn't much waxing poetic about natural beauty; instead there is action, action, action. Lessons about teamwork and courage are doled out, but they are strictly in service to the story. Readers will come to understand the loyalty and camaraderie between Pam and her dog sled team as well as the absolute dependence each species has on the other for survival in the harsh environment. An action-filled story about dog sledding and teamwork presented in just the right way for its readership. 

SOJO: Memoirs of a Reluctant Sled Dog
Author: Pam Flowers
Illustrator: Bill Farnsworth
Publisher:Alaska Northwest Books
Pages: 114
Price ( Paperback ): $12.99
ISBN ( Paperback ): 
Price ( Hardbound): $23.99
ISBN ( Hardbound): 978-1943328550
Publication Date: October 4, 2016
Adventure: ages 8-12, grades 3-7 

Available from: Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Todd Communications, Brodart, Amazon and all other places where librarians and everyone else purchases books.

About Pam's Books:
"Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships, demonstrates how people and animals can work together and cooperate as a team." -- Temple Grandin author of Animals in Translation
Big Enough Anna has won first place in the 2007 Volunteer State Book Award, a children's choice award.
Big Enough Anna has been selected to represent the state of Alaska at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC September, 2006.
Big Enough Anna received 55% of the votes to win first place in Oregon's  Patricia Gallagher Picture Book Award―nominated by educators and voted on by students.
Big Enough Anna has been selected for Alaska's Battle of the Books.
Douggie has been selected for Alaska's Battle of the Books.
Alone Across the Arctic received first place in the Benjamin Franklin Award
Alone Across the Arctic received a starred review in the School Library Journal.
Alone Across the Arctic was chosen as a notable in Social Studies by the CBC/NCSS.
Alone Across the Arctic was chosen as a Booksense Children's pick.
Alone Across the Arctic was an Alaska's Battle of the Books selection.
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