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"You are never too young to have a dream and never too old to make it come true."
- Pam Flowers.


Pam Flowers will be touring as a visiting author across the United States again this school year.

New Program - Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships

Pam's newest program is based on her latest book, Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships, and is an interactive discussion between Pam and students about positive character traits that are represented in the book.

Pam's exciting PowerPoint presentation Hiking The Appalachian Trail is about Pam and her dog, Ellie, hiking the 2,174 mile-long Appalachian Trail. Hear about their treacherous hike along Wildcat Ridge during a fierce storm, climbing steep rocky cliffs, crossing rivers, and playing the game that Ellie created by herself. Read all about it in Pam's beautiful new book, Ellie's Long Walk.

Or, if you're feeling a little warm, Pam also has a PowerPoint presentation Alone Across The Arctic about her 2,500 mile, solo dog sled journey across Arctic America. Learn about arctic Native culture, how to remain determined when things go wrong, manners and courtesy (even sled dogs need manners), and much more.

These programs will inspire your students to pursue their own dreams no matter their size or gender. Both programs offer options for sessions on writing and book creation, and book readings.

Click on EXPEDITIONS for a description of all Pam's exciting journeys. Click on  SPEAKING TOUR for a description of what is included in these school programs.

About Pam's Books
"Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships, demonstrates how people and animals can work together and cooperate as a team." -- Temple Grandin author of Animals in Translation
Big Enough Anna has won first place in the 2007 Volunteer State Book Award, a children's choice award.
Big Enough Anna has been selected to represent the state of Alaska at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC September, 2006.
Big Enough Anna received 55% of the votes to win first place in Oregon's  Patricia Gallagher Picture Book Award―nominated by educators and voted on by students.
Big Enough Anna has been selected for Alaska's Battle of the Books.
Douggie has been selected for Alaska's Battle of the Books.
Alone Across the Arctic received first place in the Benjamin Franklin Award
Alone Across the Arctic received a starred review in the School Library Journal.
Alone Across the Arctic was chosen as a notable in Social Studies by the CBC/NCSS.
Alone Across the Arctic was chosen as a Booksense Children's pick.
Alone Across the Arctic was an Alaska's Battle of the Books selection.
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Ellie: The Appalachian
Trail dog!


10 TIPS to Make Your
Dog's Life Happy and
 Healthy! !

The first protection a dog has against the elements is his coat. But even a hairy Eskimo dog can feel cold and short-haired Chihuahuas can suffer from too much heat. It is your responsibility to provide shelter that offers adequate protection from heat, cold, rain, and wind.

More Tips ...

"What people say you cannot do, you try and find you can." 
-- Henry David Thoreau


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