Matthew (Mighty Matt) Henson
1992 - 2001


Many times I have heard people ask my human, Pam, why do we do this? Why on earth do we go up to the arctic to go sledding?

I, Mighty-Matt, the hardest working sled dog of them all, have the answer. FOOD! Thatís right, food. When you work outside all day dragging a sled across snow and ice, Pam feeds each of us all we can eat every day. I love it!

First thing every morning we get a bowl full of food mixed with warm water. Dog food porridge. Ummm! What a way to start off the day. After that I can hardly wait for the sled to get packed so we can get going. Work, work, work. The harder I pull the hungrier I get and the more Pam feeds me. Such a deal! 

Then we stop at 1:00 in the afternoon and we eat dog food pizza. Crunchy stuff made of frozen water-soaked dog food and really good tasting. After a nap, weíre off again until about 6:00 in the evening.

Pam sets up camp, melts snow to make warm water. Then she soaks dog food in the water. When the food is nice and squashy and warm she feeds us all we can eat. Every night we go to bed with a full stomach and feeling warm inside.

When we visit a town, Pam picks up more dog food. So the sled is pretty heavy when we leave, but thatís all right because most of whatís on the sled is food. Pam always brings lots of dog food. Every day the load gets lighter as we eat.

Then, just as the sled gets really light, we come to a town and get more food. Love those towns!

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